Wednesday 21 March 2018

First lady divorces in presidential bid

Guatemala's first lady is ending her eight-year marriage so she can seek to succeed her husband as president.

Sandra Torres de Colom has filed divorce proceedings against President Alvaro Colom. Guatemala's constitution prohibits members of a president's extended family from running for the presidency.

British HIV cases double in decade

The number of people infected with HIV in the UK has almost doubled over the past decade.

New cases jumped from 1,950 in 2001 to 3,780 in 2010. Most new cases were among gay men, with a 70pc rise in the past 10 years, from 1,810 in 2001 to 3,080 in 2010.

Bride arrested for kicking policeman

A US bride was arrested at her own wedding reception after she kicked a police officer. Officers had to restrain 28-year-old Angela Davito after she became disorderly at the suburban Gilbert, Arizona home where her reception was held.

Officers responding to a call found a large brawl in the backyard of the home. Davito kicked an officer.

Hot dates less likely to foot bill

People who think they are attractive are less likely to offer to pay for a dinner date, according to a new study.

Researchers found that people who judge themselves good-looking tend to expect their potential love interest to pay. Psychologists from the University of St Andrews in the UK also found that women preferred men to pay, especially when they were handsome.

Cuffed woman crashes squad car

A Florida woman who was handcuffed by police and placed on the back seat of a patrol car managed to drive off before crashing.

Police in Riviera Beach said that officers responded to a call of a possible sexual assault, but the woman who complained appeared to be suffering from a mental illness. Authorities said police were still investigating when the woman squeezed through to the front seat and drove off.

Bungling bank robber showed ID

A man opened a bank account using two forms of identification, then robbed the branch.

Police in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, said 35-year-old Daniel Rahynes drove off with a small amount of cash. Meanwhile, the bank contacted police, who caught him a few miles away.

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