Tuesday 21 November 2017

Female jihadists demand equality with men in Syria

Some 45 women are seen training in the video
Some 45 women are seen training in the video

David Kearns

A mysterious video has surfaced online of an all-female jihadi brigade training with firearms, running drills and calling for equality between men and women in Syria.

The video shot in northern Syria outside of the Church of Saint Simeon, shows women - who belong to the ‘camp for women for victory and empowerment’ - shooting and marching. 

The style of the video is very much in keeping with that of other militant groups such as the Islamic State, but there is no obvious association with any other jihadist group during the video.

The five-minute video shows the fully veiled jihadi militants taking part in the “camp for women for victory and empowerment” near the Syrian city of Aleppo.

The footage shows the women shouting slogans, such as “Allahu Akhbar”, and waving firearms in the air while walking in the Syrian countryside, some are carrying their handbags and others are pointing their fingers to the sky. 

“The role of a woman is no less important than that of a man,” one of the female jihadis says in the video.

“We are 45 women from al-Sham,” another woman says to the camera.

“We have gone out to defend our land. We are trained in the art of shooting and preparations of weapon, as well as Sharia and theological studies.”

While one of the female jihadis gives an interview to the camera, others can be seen talking amongst themselves with the UNESCO World Heritage site in the background.

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