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'Fake' folk group come under fire

A German-language folk group have been faking their music for years and should give back their 13 awards, their former producer said.

Kastelruther Spatzen's manager said it was common practice for folk music bands to use studio musicians, whom the South Tyrol band had even credited.

Shooting suspect was model worker

The ex-convict accused of shooting co-workers execution-style at a California chicken-processing plant, killing two, was described by his boss as a model employee.

Authorities say they haven't determined what sparked 42-year-old Lawrence Jones's rampage. Valley Protein president Bob Coyle said he knew of his criminal record, but wasn't aware of animosity between him and colleagues.

Chaos as Buenos Aires blacks out

A power cut hit most of Argentina's capital and caused severe rush-hour traffic jams. The blackout affected more than a million homes and paralysed the underground system.

Power also failed at Argentina's Congress and the presidential palace but was restored. The Edesur energy company says the blackout was caused by a failure in two high-voltage lines.

Freed man wants apology in Japan

A Nepalese man cleared by a Tokyo court in a high-profile murder case says Japan must apologise for wrongfully jailing him for 15 years.

Govind Prasad Mainali was a migrant worker when he was arrested in 1997 on a murder charge and sentenced to life in prison. However, DNA evidence cleared him.

Yoko's Meltdown for pop music

Yoko Ono will curate next year's Meltdown Festival choosing the musicians and artists who will appear at the annual event.

The 79-year-old Japanese-born artist, and widow of John Lennon, follows in the footsteps of David Bowie, Patti Smith and Jarvis Cocker. The London festival stretches over 10 days in June.

You're A Celebrity, So Get Out Of Here

David Cameron has warned Nadine Dorries she should be representing her constituents rather than appearing on 'I'm A Celebrity . . . Get Me Out Of Here!'

The UK prime minister said it was "very sensible" of Chief Whip George Young to withdraw the Conservative whip from the MP, saying: "When she gets back from the jungle she can explain what she's been up to and why."

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