Thursday 14 December 2017

Wyman speaks to police about underage affair

Former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman and Mandy Smith at their wedding reception in 1989, he was 49 and she was 18
Former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman and Mandy Smith at their wedding reception in 1989, he was 49 and she was 18

David Barrett London

The Rolling Stones have celebrated their 50th anniversary and later this year will play at Glastonbury.

But one founder member has been largely relegated to the background, his part in the band's musical history often overshadowed by his serial womanising – and most notoriously his marriage to an 18-year-old when he was 49.

Now Bill Wyman has spoken of his relationship with Mandy Smith, the woman he started dating when she was 13, and with whom he first had sex when she was 14, according to her version of events. In fact, he discloses, he has approached the police and the Crown Prosecution Service, offering to talk about the relationship.

Wyman's marriage to Smith collapsed bitterly in 1991, they divorced in 1993 and they still do not have any contact. But in an interview he defends their relationship, which had the approval of her mother.

"It was very emotional at the time," he says. "It wasn't how it was reported to be and it was the only time it ever happened in my life. A lot of people understood, but a lot didn't, and the media treated me like crap."

Wyman (76) is now married to Suzanne Accosta (43), his third wife, with whom he has three daughters Katherine (18), Jessica (17) and Matilda (14). He married his first wife, Dianne, in 1959, but their marriage ended in divorce in 1969.


He says that he normally avoids speaking about his second marriage because it upsets his wife and their daughters "who are the age she was".

"We all have a skeleton in the cupboard. In my case it was publicised to the world and that wasn't really fair, I don't think."

However, he says, he has since been in touch with police. Smith confirmed publicly three years ago that she was 14 when they first had sexual intercourse, and a decade earlier her older sister had called for Wyman to be prosecuted.

"I went to the police and the public prosecutor and said, 'Do you want to talk to me? Do you want to meet up with me, or anything like that?' and I got a message back, 'No'," he said. "I was totally open about it."

Wyman's disclosure comes during the ongoing police investigation into allegations of sexual abuse by UK celebrities as part of the Savile inquiry. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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