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World's oldest pet parrot says 'cheerio' to owner before dying

The world's oldest pet parrot shuffled off its mortal perch after uttering a poignant last "cheerio" to its owner.

Tarbu (55), an African Grey parrot, squawked his final farewell to Nina Morgan (89) as she made her way to bed.

He survived until the next morning just long enough to see Mrs Morgan but then dropped dead.

Mrs Morgan, a widow, from Exeter, said she was "devastated" by the death of her beloved pet, who was her constant companion for more than half a century.

She said: "The night before he died I went up to bed and he said 'cheerio' to me from his cage. It was the last thing that he said.

"I cried for two days and I just miss him so much."

Mrs Morgan believes his longevity was down to a life of "being spoilt". Tarbu was 16 years older than the current Guinness World Record holder for the oldest parrot when he died, officials have confirmed. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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