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World first as British aces fly through hanger in formation

Two pilots have given a new meaning to Barnstorming after flying their planes in formation through a hanger at 185mph.

British air aces Paul Bonhomme and Steve Jones recorded a world first when they flew in formation through the 25-foot high hanger in North Wales  

The Cambridgeshire pilots pulled off the incredible stunt flying just feet away from each.

Due to the nature of the challenge, the pair, who have flown together for 17 years, were required to get special permission from the Civil Aviation Authority in the UK, who were on site to oversee the manoeuvre.

Speaking after the events, Mr Bonhomme said: "Ultimately if we get it wrong we hit a building, so pulling up and seeing Steve still there, there was a great sense of relief; but it was really great fun and also slightly bizarre flying through a building with my mate.”   

The duo performed the tricky formation in Xtreme Air XA41 aerobatics planes.

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