Thursday 18 January 2018

Women forced to write to man who slashed her throat in seven-hour attack - or face jail

Natalie Allman
Natalie Allman Photo:
Jason Hughes
Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

A woman who was subjected to a vicious seven-hour attack by her ex-boyfriend has been directed by court order to write to him in prison.

Jason Hughes(42) was convicted for the attack on Natalie Allman (29) in which he beat her with weights and slashed her throat in front of their two children.

He was sentenced to nine years for the assault, which was reportedly motivated by a desire to 'make Allman ugly' for ending the relationship between the two.

"I woke up in the middle of the night and he was kneeling over me, beating me repeatedly in the face. At first I thought he was punching me and then I realised he was using his weights".

"He was smashing them into my face over and over".

"There was blood everywhere but he didn’t stop".

The attack took place at their home in Herefordshire and lasted seven hours.

Natalie was left with serious injuries (Warning - graphic images).

Last January Hughes applied for a Residence and Contact Order under section 8 of the Children Act 1989 and was granted following a legal battle which cost Allman over £3,000.

She is now required by law to write to him with news of their children and include photographs three times a year or face jail.

Hughes is allowed one letter a year, Christmas and birthday cards. He has already updated Allman on his life in prison, telling her he is allowed to play X-box in prison and that he's working as a beekeeper.

Allman "felt sick" receiving the court order. "(I) felt sick that I was going to have to ­communicate with that man after what he did".

When she realised that non-compliance could mean contempt of court and possible jail time, she says she "couldn't believe it".

"I could end up being split up from my children and sent to prison when he was the one who ­attacked me. I’m the one being treated like a criminal".

A petition has been set up to reverse the court order which has gained over 16,000 signatures.

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