Wednesday 21 March 2018

Woman woke up to find neighbour raping her and filming it on his phone

Jessica McDonald, 22, was attacked by her next-door neighbour Glen Mills, 31, who has been jailed for six years

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A woman who woke up to find her next-door neighbour raping her and filming it on his phone has spoken out about her ordeal “to warn other girls to be on guard”.

Jessica McDonald, from Newcastle, waived her right to anonymity to reveal details about the attack on her by Glen Mills, 31.

The 22-year-old single mother said Mills had been a friend and that she had been at his house for a catch-up and a drink on the night he raped her, reports the Daily Mail.

She said that, having fallen asleep on his sofa after having a few drinks, she woke to find that she was naked, with Mills on top of her.

Ms McDonald said she had screamed for him to get off her and to stop, but he did not listen, and that he had used the flash on his mobile phone to take videos and pictures of her while she had been asleep.

She eventually found the strength to run back home and call the police.

Mills was sentenced to six years in prison and ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register for life at Newcastle Crown Court in September.

Ms McDonald said she wanted women to know that “this kind of thing can happen to anyone”.

“Going to the police can be scary, and I know victims might worry they will not be believed,” she said.

“The police do take attacks like these very seriously.”

Describing the ordeal, she said: “I was in shock but I knew I had to get him off me. I couldn’t as he was bigger than me and stronger than me.

“Afterwards he was sitting there as if nothing had happened. I felt horrible, it made me feel vile.

“I remembered seeing a flash on his phone so I told the police to take his phone as I thought there may have been some pictures on it.

“The police told me he had taken three videos. I felt absolutely sick.”

She added: “I hate him for what he has done.

“He was in a relationship so I never expected him to be like that.

“Now I can’t go anywhere near men because I don’t trust them.”

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