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'Witch-hunt' against BBC, claims Dimbleby

There has been a "disturbing relish" in the way critics have laid into the BBC over the Jimmy Savile sex scandal, according to veteran presenter Jonathan Dimbleby.

He said there has been a "witch-hunt" against the corporation since allegations that the late Jim'll Fix It star abused hundreds of young girls and women emerged.

In an interview with The Times, the Radio 4 presenter said: "It's disgraceful and horribly out of proportion to hound everyone at the BBC. . . when the real focus should be on what Savile did wrong. This has become a witch-hunt against the BBC."

Blaming the media and politicians for getting their priorities wrong, Mr Dimbleby said: "Organisations that have come under flack such as newspapers and MPs want to get their revenge. They think the BBC is too smug and holier-than-thou.

"But there is a disturbing relish in the way the critics have laid into the BBC."

Meanwhile, comedian Freddie Starr was released on bail for a second time after being questioned by police. He has denied any involvement in the alleged abuse.

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