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Monday 20 November 2017

Will George break 'curse' of the third king?

Emma Jane Hade

Emma Jane Hade

PRINCE George Louis Alexander of Cambridge is third in line to the British throne, and at less than four days old, the young prince is facing an enormous battle.

When the town crier announced that Kate Middleton had "been safely delivered of a son" on the steps of the Lindo Wing, royal watchers quickly began to discuss the 'curse' of the third king.

George is in line to take the throne after his grandfather Charles and father William.

But the British monarchy has been plagued with a series of unfortunate events, particularly the third king in a row.

Richard I became king in 1189 – coming after two King Henrys. Ten years later, he died from a wound he sustained in battle.

When young King Edward VI, also a third king, took the throne in 1547, he was a juvenile monarch at just nine years of age. He died after just six years on the throne, at the tender age of 15.

Another third king, King George III became king in 1760. His reign lasted 59 years. However, towards the end, his son became his regent, and there are tales of his lunacy and madness, and that he died howling and plagued by illness in Windsor Castle.

King Edward VIII abdicated from the throne in 1936, after less than one year in power.

He fell in love with the glamorous – and married actress Wallis Simpson. He intended to marry her after she finalised her divorce, while still in power. However, his cabinet urged him against doing so, fearing revolt.

He abdicated from the throne.

Whenever Prince George may take to the throne, the world will wait with bated breath, to see what fate awaits him.

His father, Prince William, was raised by his mother Diana, who had a famously tumultuous relationship with the monarchy.

His own mother, Kate, is a 'commoner'.

Perhaps the combination of the values which will be instilled in him from both his parents will see him take on the reign as the 43rd monarch of Britain with a completely different view, leading him to break the age-old curse which has seen untimely deaths, murders and abdications.

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