Sunday 17 December 2017

Wife stabs husband in testicles for 'refusing to help with housework'

A woman has reportedly stabbed her husband in the testicles after he refused to lend a hand with the gardening.

Romanian Ionel Popa (40) allegedly refused to help with the digging in the garden before his wife went nuts.

Initial reports suggested the man had been stabbed for failing to buy his wife flowers for International Women’s Day.

Aurel Turcu, mayor of Dragomiresti – where the couple live – said, “From what I understand, a woman got angry with him that he did not give her flowers then cut him with a knife in the genitals.”

This account was echoed by an ambulance worker who confirmed Mr Popa had received “stab wounds in the scrotal region”.

Local reports however suggest that Marinela Benea – wife of Mr Popa – went berserk for a different reason.

She maintained the dispute was over gardening – not over flowers – and described it as a “misfortune”.

“He never bought me flowers in his life,” she told local news website Vremeanoua.

“I asked him to help me with some digging in the garden. I only needed help with the digging.

“He told me he did not want to dig, because he’s a man,” she added

After trying to see how man he was in her anger the “misfortune” took place, and she maintains that after the incident she wanted to “put a bandage on them” but he threw her out of the house.

Mr Popa is recovering hospital.

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