Monday 18 December 2017

Wife of ice bucket challenge bigamist: 'Myleene Klass was my rock'

Lyndsey Telford

Myleene Klass provided legal advice to the wife of a man who was exposed as a bigamist on social media after completing the ALS ice bucket challenge.

Michelle O’Clee discovered her husband had been living a double life after he was tagged in a video on Facebook with his other wife.

She immediately sought help from singer and TV presenter Klass – her “rock” and friend of 15 years after they performed in Miss Saigon together in London’s West End.

“She is a very close friend. She recommended a good lawyer to me and we made a decision from there,” Mrs O’Clee said.

“She’s my rock. I knew Myleene would be able to help me. Not only is she a strong woman, but she has had to deal with difficult issues herself.”

Mrs O’Clee, 39, said she was in a “state of shock” when she discovered the truth about her husband, ex-soldier Andrew O’Clee.

“And then in my head it was like dominoes, flashbacks of everything and it all made sense,” she told the Sun on Sunday.

O’Clee, 36 of Chiddingford, Surrey, was jailed for eight months on Wednesday for bigamy.

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He and his first wife married in 2008, but he began a relationship with finance manager Philippa three years later and the pair eventually wed.

O’Clee forged a decree absolute to show his family so his mother and brother believed he had divorced his first wife. He told her that he had been involved in a fraud case and had to enter the Witness Protection Programme, which would keep him away from home for long periods.

He showed up five hours late to the birth of their child before cutting the umbilical cord and then said he had to leave with police.

O'Clee's web of lies caught up with him after four years when he was tagged in a Facebook post.

A video of his ice bucket challenge appeared on the social network, captioned "uncle Andrew and auntie Philippa", which was seen by Mrs O’Clee.

She then unearthed photos of his second wedding on Facebook and reported it to police.

“My sister saw it on Andrew’s brother’s Facebook page and thought, ‘Oh, who is auntie Philippa?’, then it clicked on to her Facebook page and she saw the profile wedding picture,” Mrs O’Clee said.

“She told my best friend, who phoned me and asked me to come over because she had something to tell me. She said, 'I'm going to tell you something and it's going to change your life'. She told me Andrew was living a double life.”

Mrs O’Clee said she was distraught – particularly upon discovering that the platinum engagement ring he gave to his second wife was exactly the same as hers.

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