Wednesday 17 January 2018

Why she may be guilty... or innocent


•The confession: Amanda Knox confessed that she was in the house on the night of the murder and heard Ms Kercher scream.

•The false accusation: Knox falsely accused bar owner Patrick Lumumba of being the killer -- which the prosecution claimed was a sign of her own guilt and an attempt to throw the police off her trail.

•The alibi: Raffaele Sollecito could not back up Knox's alibi on the night of the murder.

•Computer and telephone records: Sollecito claimed he was on his computer that night, but experts said there was no activity on his laptop during the timeframe in which the murder took place. He and Knox also turned their mobile phones off in that time period.

•The staged break-in: a bedroom belonging to one of Ms Kercher's Italian flatmates was ransacked on the night of the murder. Prosecutors accused Knox and Sollecito of staging it to make the killing look like a burglary gone wrong.


•Lack of motive: Knox and Ms Kercher were not friends but it seemed far-fetched for that to lead to such a brutal murder.

•Lack of DNA: a review of the evidence by two independent experts found that the DNA traces were too low to be reliable and so small that they could not be retested.

•No witnesses: the prosecution struggled to come up with witnesses who could place Knox and Sollecito at the scene of the crime.

•Doubts over the murder weapon: the blade of the knife police and prosecutors claimed was the murder weapon did not match two out of three of the wounds to Ms Kercher's neck. A second knife has never been found.

•The false confession: the defence said that when Knox "confessed" to being in the house on the night of the murder, she was traumatised and acting under extreme psychological pressure after an all-night interrogation by police, and only knew basic Italian at the time. (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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