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Well-heeled shoe designer steps in to save Pompeii from 'ruin'

AN italian shoe magnate is preparing to step in and help save the ancient site of Pompeii from disintegration.

Diego Della Valle, the owner of the luxury shoe brand Tod's, has said he "will give a helping hand" to rescue the ancient Roman city and World Heritage Site. In December, it emerged that Mr Della Valle donated €25m to help save the Colosseum in Rome.

"The businessmen and people of Naples have to grab the opportunity to involve themselves in the restoration of Pompeii," he was reported as saying in 'Il Giornale dell'Arte' magazine.

Nine people have been placed under investigation by the Italian authorities in connection with damage to the ruins last November.

Fears are also mounting for the future of Venice as it continues to sink slowly into the lagoon upon which it was built.

Irish Independent