Thursday 12 December 2019

Wedding day horror as bride and groom surfers swept out to sea

Denise Calnan

Denise Calnan

A new bride had to be rescued by coastguard crews after she went surfing hours after her wedding.

Jennifer Grant (30) took to the waves with her new husband Warren (41) and three friends in Cornwall, England before a rip current swept the group out to sea.

Mrs Grant had to cling to a rock in rising tide until two RNLI lifeboats came to the rescue.

She was treated for shock, while her new husband suffered cuts and bruises to his arms and legs, The Telegraph reports.

Jennifer, Warren and their friends decided to avail of the bodyboarding facilities at the beach, but were caught in the rip current after approximately 45 minutes.

“The sea wasn’t rough, it was a little choppy when we went in,” Mrs Grant said.

“Then Warren got caught in a rip and dragged towards the rocks. I watched him climb onto the rock, then I tried to get back to shore.

“But I couldn’t get in and realised Mitch and I were caught in the rip and being dragged to the rock too. I was going to climb onto it and a wave smashed me into it and cut me up,” she continued.

“We managed to get onto the rock with Warren but the tide was coming in and a wave came and swept Warren away into the sea.”

Mrs Grant described how her husband managed to climb to safety at the bottom of the cliff and he raised the alarm.

“I was terrified, but Warren had always told me not to panic. Everybody on the beach thought I was going to jump in, but I wasn’t going to do that.

“I’d been there half an hour and the waves were washing right over the rock at this time.

“Scott had climbed on the cliff behind the rock and was shouting to me 'stay where you are'."

"Then I saw the rescue boat arriving and a lifeguard jumped in with a lifejacket. He led me down to the boat which was struggling against the waves and told me to jump.

"It was so scary.

"I managed to jump, but I landed badly on the boat, thankfully the crew managed to catch me and haul me in.

"We were just so lucky - it could have been so much worse."

Mrs Grant said she wanted to thank the RNLI for saving her.

"It was definitely a strange day after such a special, perfect wedding," she added.

The couple are set to visit Egypt for their honeymoon.

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