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Wealth of Moscow's golden circle too vast to imagine

The wealth of Putin's inner circle runs to tens of billions of pounds.

Vladimir Yakunin

Head of Russian Railways, the country's biggest employer, since 2005. He has been part of Putin's St Petersburg circle since the 1990s, and is dogged by claims from opposition activists over his wealth. He accompanies Mr Putin on overseas visits, and was in charge of construction during the Sochi Winter Olympics. He has been hit with US sanctions. His net worth is unknown but his official salary is €14m.

Gennady Timchenko

Founder of Gunvor, the oil trader, he sold his stake just before being hit by US sanctions. His net worth is reckoned to be €14.5bn, according to Forbes. Putin is said by the US to have "investments in Gunvor and may have access to Gunvor funds".

Yuri Kovalchuk

Once dubbed one of Putin's "cashiers". He is the largest shareholder of Bank Rossiya, called by the US the "personal bank for senior officials" of Russia. He is a member of the Ozero Dacha, a community of lakeside homes of Putin and his allies. His wealth is estimated to be €1.3bn. He is hit by US and EU sanctions.

Arkady and Boris Rotenburg

Arkady is Putin's old judo partner, and is subject to EU sanctions. The brothers have interests in pipelines, road construction and banking, and are presidents of Dinamo Moscow hockey and football clubs, respectively. Their wealth is €2.3bn.

Igor Sechin

President of Rosneft, the state oil company, and the former deputy prime minister. His salary was €47m last year. He is one of the most powerful figures in the administration, and is said to share "economic interests" with Putin.(© Daily Telegraph London)

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