Tuesday 17 July 2018

WATCH: 'Irish' tourist takes on angry mob of Turkish shopkeepers

A full-on brawl breaks on the streets
A full-on brawl breaks on the streets

Sarah Jane Murphy

An action-packed video of a man described as an 'Irish tourist' street-fighting a mob of angry shopkeepers has surfaced in Turkey.

In the video the man, wearing a t-shirt with an Irish flag, can be seen entering a convenience shop in Istanbul, and accidentally knocking several bottles of water from their display.

The angry proprietor runs at the man, wielding a stick, and it's not long before neighbouring shopkeepers have joined in the fracas.

The action moves to the street and a full brawl breaks out.

However, they quickly realise that they are dealing with no ordinary tourist, as it quickly transpires that the Irish tourist is highly skilled in boxing.

One by one he calmly deals with his opponents and dodges obstacles put in his path like a professional.

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