Monday 18 December 2017

WATCH: Eerie orange cloud over Spanish town after chemical blast

Jennifer McShane

People in northeastern Spain were ordered to stay indoors on Thursday after a warehouse blast sent a giant orange cloud over a swathe of Catalonia.

The government said in a statement that the blast appeared to have been caused by two chemicals coming into contact during a delivery to the plant. From the footage, you can see a massive billowing orange cloud of smoke coming from the building.

The eerie cloud lingered over the Spanish town for quite some time following the blast, and many pictures appeared on social media as cars drove through the cloud of orange smoke.

The blast also set a truck on fire. Locals were told to shut the windows and stay inside following chemical blast. Some roads in the area were also blocked off, as well is a train line.

Three at the plant (around 30 miles from the city of Barcelona) were injured in the explosion, which also forced some 60,000 people in the surrounding communities to remain confined indoors for hours, according to a local newspaper.

The blast is said to have affected six towns, and though the local authorities said that residents could leave their homes, they still urged children, elderly and pregnant women to stay indoors.

Spanish authorities have said the cloud of smoke is no longer toxic.

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