Sunday 18 February 2018

Watch: 'Arachnophobic family' find monster Huntsman spider crawling in bag of salad bought in a supermarket

If you're scared of spiders do not read on – an 'arachnophobic family' has found large spider crawling in bag of Woolworths salad in Australia in a clip that has gone viral

Huntsman spider found crawling in bag of salad
Huntsman spider found crawling in bag of salad
A woman in Melbourne found a "pregnant" spider in her bag of grapes:

Barney Henderson

A family, who described themselves as "arachnophobic", got a shock when they found a huge spider crawling inside a bag of salad.

Zoe Perry posted a video clip showing the large Huntsman spider moving around inside a bag of "Italian Style” salad.

She wrote: "Shopping as per usual for Italian Style Salad Mix....get it home....Mum goes to open the packet and we are greeted by...."

Woolworths replied to the post asking Ms Perry to contact them, and stating they were "very concerned about this Zoe, and take incidents like this very seriously".

The Facebook clip had been viewed over 2.8 million times on Thursday evening and was shared tens of thousands of times.

The Huntsman spider is harmless - but disconcertingly large, and quick, and are often found in homes in Australia.

Kristie Amsler wrote: "Woolworths is really upping their "fresh food" game, this one's still moving."

Others thought the presence of the large arachnid was a good thing.

"Woolworths, seeing this actually makes me more faithful to your products due to the fact it clearly means it's fresh and clean of harsh chemical exposure," wrote Nathan Wilson.

Dave Kinnell, another commenter on Facebook was also pragmatic: "Oh no a garden insect, in a garden salad, what ever will we do. I sure hope there's no fish in my next can of tuna."

Josh McLennan, meanwhile, was concerned for the creature: "Poor spider – I hope you put him in the garden."

Last month, a woman in Melbourne found a "pregnant" spider in her bag of grapes:

She purchased the fruit from a Woolworths fruit and vegetable store in Australia and later made a complaint on Facebook.

Rachael Buckley‎ explained she looking forward to enjoying some fruit in the sun when she made the alarming discovery.

“Not only was this Spider in there, but also was a decent sized Spider egg sac so it looks as though it had been breeding in the bag," she wrote.

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