Sunday 20 October 2019

Want some bottled German air? That will be €60

Stefan Butz
Stefan Butz
Ian Begley

Ian Begley

A German ‘air producer’ is selling bottled air for €60, aimed at people living in polluted cities across the world.

Stefan Butz says he has engineered and bottled the air in a health park called Saline Valley in his hometown Kreuznach.

His target customers are those who live in China, India, South-East Asia and other world regions with air pollution problems like Latin America, Africa, parts of the US and the Middle East.

Inspired by a similar product made in the UK Stefan says “it’s a time-honoured German tradition to take on British ideas and make them better and less expensive.”

“So instead of hopping around with a butterfly net like my English counterpart, our bottles are put on a strange apparatus, a bottle rack on a turntable.”

This allegedly helps to get the air into the bottle.

“[In Salina Valley] salty water evaporates by running down on brushwood stacked in gradient towers. This causes the air to smell like a fresh breeze from the seaside even though the park is many miles away from the coast.

“The saline air or Salinenluft as the product is labelled in German due to its origin comes in corked half litre bottles resembling a good bottle of wine or spirit. It is wrapped in a neat gift box,” said Stefan.

There the whole process of producing and bottling Saline Air is explained in a movie on the air producer's website. 

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