Sunday 19 January 2020

Video: Suicide policeman David Rathband’s last desperate 'tweets' reveal dark thoughts

PC David Rathband at home for 'Tonight - In the Line of Fire' TV Programme
PC David Rathband at home for 'Tonight - In the Line of Fire' TV Programme
PC David Rathband with his wife Kath, son Ashley and daughter Mia
PC David Rathband
PC David Rathband and his wife Kath
PC Rathband and Kelsey Donkin

Andrew Hough, and Nigel Bunyan

The LAST desperate tweets of policeman David Rathband who was been found dead in a suspected suicide, reveal the turmoil at the end of his life.

Although he deleted some of his most poignant tweets, some have resurfaced on the internet since his death.

In the days before his death he wrote:

“Very emotional few days, but back on track. Now focusing on my trip back to the UK and the road ahead.”

“Disaster. So job lost, eyes lost, family lost, wife lost, marriage lost. What a year.”

"I am flying home on Monday and will say goodbye to the children.”

“RIP PC Rathband."

“Thank you for your positive comments I’m trying my best I sometimes get it wrong sorry (all sic).”

On Wednesday morning he tweeted: “Some people look like pencils after trauma and loss - on the exterior functioning well, on the inside broken. Do you know any pencils??

“If so please visit one and make sure they are coping, even if they don’t answer your calls.. That pencil may just snap and be lost 4ever ;-(“

Another tweet read: “Mrs R just wants to be friends. I wonder if I will have any furniture left when I get back”.

And a further one said: “Just to put the record straight, I’ve behaved terribly to my wife since I was shot. That’s why it’s over”.

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