Saturday 18 November 2017

Video: Schoolgirl viciously attacks teenage boy after he refuses to hit her in humiliating YouTube clip

Brian O'Reilly

Brian O'Reilly

SHOCKING video footage has emerged of a ‘happy slapping’ incident in which a schoolgirl repeatedly tries to goad a boy into hitting her before launching a vicious attack on him.

Although the audio on the footage is muffled at times, the girl can be seen provoking the victim, before he says: “I don't hit lassies.”

The person filming the incident is then heard to say: “Right well I'm walking home, if you're going to hit him, hit him. He's taken his glasses off, just hit him.”

There is an inaudible exchange before the girl says: “You don't be f****** cheeky to me right?”

She then punches the boy in the face five times and attempts to get him to retaliate, shouting: “Go on, hit me!”

However the victim keeps his arms by his side throughout the encounter, and tells his attacker again: “I don't hit lassies, right?”

An investigation has been launched by the pupils’ school in Wishaw in Scotland after the footage was posted to YouTube.

The incident has been reported to police who have said they are investigating.

The video has been removed from YouTube as it violates the site’s terms of service which forbids ‘happy slapping’ videos from being posted.

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