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Video: Schoolboy jumps on to roof of moving bus

A British schoolboy has been filmed by friends leaping 10 feet on to the roof of a moving bus.

The 16-second clip, posted on Youtube, shows the teenager waiting for the bus at an underpass into a bus station.

As the bus passes by he leaps on to the roof then makes his way to the back of the bus before jumping 15 feet to the road below and running away.

The stunt, which was filmed in Maidstone, Kent, has already attracted over 7,000 views on Youtube.

Chief Inspector David Pascoe, of Kent Police, said: “These are idiotic and irresponsible stunts and we would strongly advise against it, not only for the safety of the person carrying out the action, but also members of the public. Had any of these jumps been miscalculated they could have ended in tragedy.”

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