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Video: Police seek angry woman in black after assault on cyclist 'holding up traffic'

A FURIOUS woman has been caught on camera jogging up to a cyclist and assaulting him after he held up traffic on a country lane for over 10 minutes.

A red-haired woman, clad in tight-fitting black trousers and sweatshirt, can be seen shouting at a man on bicycle and shoving him into the ditch in what appears to be a bout of road rage.

The incident, which was shot by a following car and posted on YouTube, is believed to have happened at around 12.25pm on Jan 28, according to Gloucester police.

The footage shows the cyclist, who is wearing Wellington boots, a waxed jacket and flat cap, pedalling along the B4425 at Ampney Coln near Bibury, Gloucester, apparently oblivious to the traffic piling up behind him.

Meanwhile, the occupants of the car can be heard exclaiming in exasperation at the actions of the "arrogant" man, who they believe could be a hunt supporter attempting to hamper the progress of a vehicle monitoring it.

Fox-hunting involving hunts tracking, chasing, and killing foxes was outlawed in 2005. But hunting by a smell or trail is still lawful and monitored by anti-hunt campaigners.

Gloucester Police are appealing to the public for help identifying the cyclist and assailant after they received a conflicting report on the same day from a woman claiming she had been assaulted by a cyclist who had been holding up traffic.

Officers have been unable to trace the woman after she gave them incorrect contact details.