Friday 19 January 2018

VIDEO: Neighbour who strangled Joanna Yeates went shopping with her murdered body in boot

Murdered: Joanna Yeates at her graduation in November 2010. Photo: Getty Images
Murdered: Joanna Yeates at her graduation in November 2010. Photo: Getty Images
Vincent Tabak. Photo: PA

Tom Morgan and Rod Minchin

A NEIGHBOUR strangled Joanna Yeates then went shopping in Asda with her murdered body in his car boot, a court heard today.

Vincent Tabak texted his girlfriend to say he was bored just minutes after murdering the 25-year-old landscape architect, a jury was told.

CCTV footage showed Tabak then wandering the aisles at an Asda supermarket, in Bedminster, Bristol, before dumping her body.

Tabak - who admits manslaughter but denies murder - did not even know his victim's name, Nigel Lickley QC, for the Crown, said.

Shortly after killing blonde Miss Yeates, Tabak sent his girlfriend a text message: "Miss you loads. It's boring here without you Vxx".

Mr Lickley told Bristol Crown Court: "It would appear this message was sent after he had killed Joanna Yeates, a message to his girlfriend indicating that he was bored."

He then went to the 24-hour supermarket to buy rock salt - for melting ice - along with crisps and beer.

"It must be that the body of Joanna Yeates was in the boot of his car at the time of his visit to Asda," Mr Lickley said.

Tabak went to the Asda store twice and did his shopping on the second visit.

In the days after killing the landscape architect, Vincent Tabak attended parties and dinners as he coolly maintained the pretence of a worried neighbour, the prosecution claims.

The bespectacled Dutch engineer looked on from the dock as Mr Lickley said: "He was able to mislead and manipulate others and to hide his inner feelings.

"He was in complete control and knew what he was doing."

Less then two hours after killing Miss Yeates, Tabak sent a further text message to his girlfriend.

The message said: "How are you? I am at Asda buying some crisis. Was bored. Can't wait to pick you up."

Mr Lickley said Tabak had meant "crisps" rather than "crisis" in his text message.

Mr Lickley added: "While Mr Tabak was in Asda Miss Yeates' boyfriend Mr Reardon had arrived in Sheffield and sent her the text 'hope you had a good night in the pub'.

"At some point that evening Vincent Tabak moved Joanna Yeates' dead body, put her in the boot of his car and drove it to Longwood Lane," Mr Lickley said.

A forensic examination of the scene where her body was found located Miss Yeates' blood on a wall of a neighbouring quarry - meaning Tabak may have tried to lift her corpse over the wall.

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