Saturday 23 June 2018

VIDEO: Muslim woman's shock after being called 'Batman' in 'Islamaphobic' rant

A Muslim woman has described her shock after being verbally abused in a shop by a man who she said called her Batman.

Ahlam Saed was wearing a jilbab gown and niqab face veil when she went to buy a packet of sweets at her local shop in west London on Saturday.

The 25-year-old charity worker was subjected to a verbal assault by a fellow customer who she said shouted insults at her in front of two young children and sang the Batman theme tune.

She uploaded footage of the incident, which happened in Uxbridge Road, near Shepherd's Bush market, to Facebook, and it has since been viewed thousands of times.

While she said at first she felt intimidated by what she described as an "aggressive" assault, Ms Saed said she decided to record what was happening to raise awareness of Islamophobia.

She said: "This man exposed those children to such violent words. I couldn't believe it. People like that need to be educated. He was point blank Islamophobic. This type of behaviour just should not be tolerated."

In the footage, which lasts five minutes and during which children can be heard crying in the background, the man is heard to repeatedly ask the victim: "Why are you dressed like that?" and "How do they know if you're a man or woman?"

He also appears to sing "Na na na na na", which Ms Saed said was then followed by the word Batman.

A member of the public is seen to defend Ms Saed, saying: "It doesn't matter."

Ms Saed said she has experienced verbal abuse before, which she believes is directly related to her religion and religious dress.

She said she chose to post the footage of the incident online rather than report it to police because she had reported a previous incident but she said "no action was taken".

The Metropolitan Police said they spoke to Ms Saed about Saturday's incident, and are appealing for the man in the footage to come forward.

In a statement the Met said: "Inquiries are under way to trace the suspect who is described as a black man, approximately 5ft 8ins tall and aged in his mid 30s. He was wearing a black New York Yankees top at the time of the incident."

There have been no arrests.

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