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Video: Model falls three times at Naomi's charity fundraiser

Naomi Campbell's Fashion for Relief fund-raiser, held last night in Cannes, turned into a night to forget for one model who managed to fall three times on the runway.

The unfortunate woman struggled to maintain her composure after taking a tumble and fell a further two times as she struggled to make her way back up the catwalk.

The crowd treated each stumble with good humour reacting with huge cheers of support for the model.

The event, organised by Naomi Campbell to raise money for the victims of the Japanese earthquake, included appearances by Bruce Forsyth, Jane Fonda, Yasmin Le Bon and tennis player Novak Djokovic alongside the professional models.

Forsyth said: "I had a wonderful time. That's something I've never done before, been on a catwalk.

Campbell was first on the catwalk which was set up inside Cannes' Forville Market.

The fashion show was followed by an auction which saw a Lotus sports car, jewellery and works of art sell for hundreds of thousands of Euros.

Campbell held her first Fashion For Relief show in 2005 which raised around $1m for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Funds from this event will support the work of the Japanese Red Cross which is dealing with the aftermath of the disaster which killed thousands when it struck off the coast of the country earlier this year.

Campbell said: "The destruction caused by the earthquake in Japan is completely heartbreaking, it's so hard to even begin to comprehend the tragic loss the people of Japan are coping with.

"I felt very passionate to try and help in whatever way possible, to do our part and to support Japan at this time. I hope that the money raised from Fashion For Relief in Cannes will support those who need it most."

Kate Moss, Beyonce, Cheryl Cole and Claudia Schiffer have all taken part in previous events.