Tuesday 23 January 2018

VIDEO: Is this 'shotgun' bike alarm the ultimate theft deterrent?

Independent.ie Newsdesk

Independent.ie Newsdesk

This entrepreneur believes he has come up with the ideal solution to deter bike theft once and for all.

Yannick Read has spent his life "inventing weird and wonderful contraptions" but turned his emergies towards bike alarms after he fell victim to robbery himself.

"I've had both a motorbike and a bicycle stolen. They were traumatic experiences that left me out of pocket and frustrated at how passive most counter theft measures are," he told independent.ie.

The 45-year-old London man has come up with BIKE MINE, an alarm system designed to activate when a thief starts moving a motorcycle or bike.

The booby-trap like device triggers an explosion by a 'saluting blank', essentialy a shotgun shell with projectiles.

"It's about as low-tech a gadget as you can imagine. It's a reusable spring-loaded trap that take a small detonator and is tripped by a length of titanium wire," he said.

"You can attach the BIKE MINE to anything that's on your property and that's at risk of being stolen. When the trip wire is snagged, BANG."

However, it's obviously vital that children or pets don't set it off by mistake, Read responds when questioned about the legality and safety of the alarm.

"The BIKE MINE has to be used on private property and there are simple instructions to ensure its safe operation," he said.

"The alarm is loud, but as you'll see in the film, I set it off without wearing ear defenders and don't suffer any pain or injury.

"The design allows a great deal of flexibility in the way it is set up. The trip wire doesn't have to be attached the bike itself (as demonstrated in the film) - it can be attached to the inside of a shed door or at chest height out of the way of little ones.

Yannick Read has two Guinness World Records to his name: one for the QTvan, the world's smallest caravan and another his part in building a flying bicycle.

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