Tuesday 12 November 2019

Video: Dramatic footage shows woman run over by train – and surviving

Mark McConville

CCTV footage shows a woman falling onto tracks seconds before a train arrives before she is miraculously pulled from under it and to safety.

The Czech woman appears to be falling asleep while waiting for her train, and just moments before it comes – she drops from the platform and onto the track.


A bystander is seen trying to grab the lady before she falls, but misses and had no chance of saving her from the oncoming train.


The trains comes to a halt, and bystanders are seen in distraught believing the young woman has been badly hurt – or maybe killed.


However, the CCTV shows a member of the station staff lying down on the platform and discovering she is still alive. He grabs her backpack and then pulls her from under the train.


She reportedly refused both medical treatment and a breathalyser test, telling police she was "merely tired”.

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