Wednesday 23 October 2019

Video: Czech President accused of being drunk during official ceremony

New Czech president Milos Zeman appeared somewhat under the weather while attending an event last week. He is seen in the video leaning up against a wall and also struggling with a step.

His office however has insisted that he had a virus and which required him to rest for a day or two after the rare and highly-ceremonial public display of the Czech crown jewels.

Since the incident the video has created a wave of humorous post on social media. Many Czech’s have been posting pictures of themselves and friends in bars getting drunk with captions like, 'Heading out for a virus,' or ‘Here I am getting a virus.'

Mr Zeman, 68, a chain smoker, has made no secret of his drinking in the past and often extols the virtues of alcohol. During one such occasion, he gave praise Winston Churchill for his love of whisky and then pointed out that Adolf Hitler was teetotal and vegetarian adding - "and you know how he ended up."

Zeman said his campaign bus "drove on gas and Becherovka," a popular Czech liquor, during a 1996 election campaign. In 1998 he became prime minister.

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