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Video: Beheaded granny had begged for help before her death


Jennifer Mills-Westley:
beheaded in Tenerife

Jennifer Mills-Westley: beheaded in Tenerife

Jennifer Mills-Westley: beheaded in Tenerife

Detectives in Tenerife are facing difficult questions after it emerged that a terrified British woman had begged for help just minutes before she was beheaded on the Spanish holiday island.

Grandmother-of-five Jennifer Mills-Westley sought refuge at an employment centre in Los Cristianos on Friday, where she told social services officials she was being trailed.

A man was reportedly sent away from the area by a security guard before the tearful 60-year-old woman left the building. She was later decapitated in a nearby supermarket.

A police source working on the murder inquiry revealed that the grandmother had waited in the office until the man following her had disappeared.

She then walked into the Chinese-owned shop nearby and he went after her.

"He grabbed a large kitchen knife from the shelf and stabbed her at least 14 times in the neck without saying a word," the source said.

"Eventually, he managed to sever her head. He picked it up and ran out of the shop."

A 28-year-old homeless Bulgarian man with a police record was arrested after he allegedly fled the Valdes shopping centre.

The suspect, named in reports as Deyan Valentinov D -- with Spanish police only providing the first initial of his surname -- allegedly made off saying: "God is on earth."

It is thought he has previously received psychiatric treatment.

Ms Mills-Westley's family members were struggling yesterday to come to terms with her brutal murder.

"Mum retired a number of years ago and was fully enjoying her retirement, travelling between Tenerife and France where she spent time visiting her daughter and grandchildren, and her other daughter in Norfolk, [England]," her daughter Sarah said.

Initial reports suggested the murder was random, with no relationship between victim and killer.


Christina Perez, a legal representative at a nearby court, said a group of lawyers saw the man sprinting out of the Chinese store, carrying the head.

"They saw the man running out of the supermarket with the head in his hands," she said.

"A security man from the complex ran after him and jumped on to him so he fell, and then he threw the head on to the road."

Ms Mills-Westley, a retired road safety officer from Norwich, England, owned two apartments in the Port Royale complex -- a development set on a peaceful hillside at the edge of Los Cristianos.

She had been resident there for at least 10 years.