Friday 22 November 2019

UK hacker avoids extradition to US

Wesley Johnson and Sam Lister

A delighted mother has told how Theresa May, the British Home Secretary, made a "life-saving decision" when she used the Human Rights Act to block the extradition of her computer hacker son Gary McKinnon to the US.

Janis Sharp, who was overwhelmed by the emotional rollercoaster of the 10-year fight against extradition, said it was such a relief to see her son, who has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, smile for the first time in years.

Mr McKinnon was accused by US prosecutors of "the biggest military computer hack of all time", but he claims he was simply looking for evidence of UFOs.

It will now be for the director of public prosecutions to decide whether Mr McKinnon should face charges in the UK.

Mrs May stopped his extradition after medical reports showed the 46-year-old was very likely to try to kill himself if extradited.

But lawyer David Rivkin, former White House counsel to President Reagan and the first President Bush, warned the decision would go down "very badly" in the US.

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