Sunday 22 April 2018

UDA 'Mad Dog' Adair is linked to Oslo gunman

Johnny Adair: appeared with extremists on YouTube
Johnny Adair: appeared with extremists on YouTube

Duncan Gardham

ANDERS Breivik, the Norwegian gunman, was linked yesterday to the Ulster loyalist terrorist Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair.

The potential connection has emerged following scrutiny of Breivik's links to British blogger Paul Ray.

Mr Ray (35), who has faced speculation he might have acted as a 'mentor' to Breivik, has denied meeting the Norwegian but admitted the gunman may have drawn "inspiration" from his writings.

It has emerged that Mr Ray played host to Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair -- a former leader of the UDA's notorious 'C company' on Belfast's Shankill Road -- in Malta last February.

He is also friends with Nick Greger, a German known as 'Nazi Nick' who describes himself as a "former neo-Nazi leader".

Mr Ray and Mr Greger posted a video online of them together with Adair on YouTube last year, titled 'The Gathering'.

The film shows the three men visiting churches around Malta, cut together with footage of loyalist terrorists and Mr Greger with a Kalashnikov.

Mr Ray has condemned Breivik's attacks in Norway.

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