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Two-thirds want death penalty for terrorists in UK

Almost two-thirds of people in the UK believe we need more stringent terrorism laws and would support the death penalty for terrorists, a poll conducted since the murder of soldier Lee Rigby found.

The survey found 64pc of voters believe there should be tougher laws to curb incitement to terrorism, while 63pc would support the death penalty for convicted terrorists.

But 61pc of those polled also felt that activities by groups such as the English Defence League (EDL) make terrorist attacks more likely.

Yesterday around a thousand far-right protesters shouting "Muslim killers, off our streets" marched through central London.

In a tense but largely peaceful demonstration, supporters of the EDL rallied in London outside Prime Minister David Cameron's residence waving placards and shouting anti-Islamic obscenities.

"Islamic extremism is probably the number one threat to Britain," said one protester, Ben Gates. Other demonstrators chanted "Muslim bombers off our streets".

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