Saturday 24 March 2018

Twitter user admits trolling mother of tragic toddler Jamie Bulger

Chloe Cowan, 20, breaks down in tears in the dock as she pleaded guilty to harassing Denise Fergus

Denise Fergus in 2010
Denise Fergus in 2010
Jon Venables (left) and Robert Thompson

A young woman has admitted trolling the mother of Jamie Bulger after sending her a series of vile messages on Twitter.

Chloe Cowan, 20, had previously denied harassing Denise Fergus, the mother of the tragic toddler infamously tortured and murdered by two 10-year-old boys, 22 years ago.

But on Thursday she broke down in tears in the dock as she pleaded guilty to the charge.

Cowan was arrested when police launched an investigation after Mrs Fergus complained about trolls on Twitter blaming her for the death of Jamie in 1993.

 A picture of a relative of Mrs Fergus had been posted online and someone with the username SirJVenables, taunted: "Can't wait til he's a tot, the tracks are already calling his name."

The taunt was about the fact the two-year-old had been killed on train tracks in Liverpool by 10 year-olds Jon Venables and Robert Thompson.

Jon Venables (left) and Robert Thompson
Jon Venables (left) and Robert Thompson

The tweets had been sent between January and June last year.

Mrs Fergus tweeted: "Cant believe that some1 on here is still blamin me 4 my sons murder it took me a long time 2 stop blamin myself thanx 4 ruinin my evenin (sic)."

Cowan, of Ramsgate, Kent, was granted bail at Canterbury Crown Court on the condition she doesn't make contact with Mrs Fergus or any other prosecution witness.

Judge Adele Williams is expected to impose an interim Hospital Order under the Mental Health Act at the next hearing on January 22.

She had previously pleaded not guilty "by reason of insanity" and a psychiatric report was ordered.

Cowan was charged under Section 4 of the 1997 Protection of Harassment Act of causing Mrs Fergus "serious alarm", which had "an adverse effect on her usual day-to-day activities".

The case is expected to be opened by the prosecution at the next hearing.

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