Tuesday 20 February 2018

‘TV star sexually assaulted boy (14) to prove to his girlfriend he was bisexual,’ court told

Tim Moynihan

A YOUNG television actor accused of sexually assaulting a teenage boy has told the truth in denying the charges, a court heard today.

"He volunteered the detail, it must have been excruciatingly embarrassing for him to give the detail, but give it he did," said defence counsel Judith Khan QC.

She was making her closing speech to a jury at Blackfriars Crown Court in England which has heard claims that the TV star "bullied" his alleged victim and used him "for a sexual game".

The actor, who cannot be identified because of his age, is alleged to have attacked the boy to prove to his girlfriend that he was bisexual.

The defendant claims their sexual activity was consensual.

The complainant - who was 14 at the time of the alleged incidents - collapsed in the witness box as he gave evidence last Monday.

Ms Khan said today: "There is a natural reaction of sympathy to someone who reacts to giving evidence in that way. But it is important to bear in mind that that reaction is not an indicator of truthfulness. A witness who may be lying or dishonest may react in the same way."

She said that prosecutor Timothy Forster in his closing speech had asked the jury to consider why the alleged victim would make up the sexual assaults, considering the visible strain he went through while giving evidence.

Ms Khan said: "Human beings are very complicated, and we are not here to embark on some psychological assessment."

People might lie because they were seeking attention, or because they felt used, or, when allegations had been made, they were under pressure to follow them through.

The prosecution's case started and ended on the complainant's evidence, and if he might be lying, the jury must acquit, she said.

"I suggest you will not find a shred of independent evidence which supports what he says happened between him and the defendant," she told them.

The complainant's evidence had shown inconsistencies with his statement, she said, urging the jury to bring the defendant's "nightmare" to an end.

The court has heard that the actor twice attacked the teenager at a theatre, once while his girlfriend was present.

It is also alleged that the actor held the complainant's hands together with just one hand while they were in a toilet at school and performed a sex act on him.

The actor denies three counts of sexual assault and one of oral rape.

Press Association

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