Friday 20 April 2018

Train driver uses intercom to hush loud-mouthed commuter on her mobile phone

Having to endure someone else’s inane one sided mobile phone conversation is certainly not one of life’s pleasures.

But there was triumph for the ears of commuters everywhere when a train driver used the intercom to embarrass a woman who was talking too loudly on the phone.

The hero train driver, on a journey between London Euston and Milton Keynes, made a special announcement especially for the woman.

“This is a special message to the lady travelling in first class in the middle of the train. Please refrain from shouting on the phone as you are annoying other passengers.”

It is believed he tried to prevent the woman from making so much noise after a passenger complained.

A group which promotes courtesy has praised the train driver.

Peter Foot, chairman of the National Campaign for Courtesy, said he had never heard of such an announcement being made on a train before - and described it as "marvellous".

Mr Foot said train passengers having loud conversations on mobiles was a "big bugbear".

The driver made the tannoy announcement on a packed commuter train travelling between London Euston and Milton Keynes.

Mr Foot added: "It's big bugbear. People having loud mobile phone conversations on trains. I have never heard of an announcement like this being made on a train before. I think it's an excellent idea... Marvellous."

He went on: "I imagine the announcement was made because another passenger complained to a guard."

A spokesman for operator London Midland said such announcements were not part of any company policy.

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