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Top of the class for royal couple

Prince William and Kate Middleton have made a happy return to the university where their fairytale romance began.

The couple met while studying at St Andrews University, shared a flat in the town and were given the warmest possible welcome back.

The prince said it felt like "coming home" and received a huge cheer from a crowd of around 3,000 when he declared his alma mater "the best university in the world".

The pair made their first visit to the medieval town since graduating in 2005 to launch its 600th anniversary fundraising appeal, and were presented with an early wedding gift in the form of a scholarship created in their honour.

Addressing students, lecturers and alumni in the historic St Salvator's Quadrangle, William referred to his fiancee by her full Christian name.

"This is a very special moment for Catherine and me," he added. "It feels like coming home.

"Despite being one of Europe's leading research institutions, the third-oldest university in the English-speaking world and of course, far and away the best university in the world, St Andrews has that uncanny knack of feeling like home."

William unveiled a plaque to launch three years of celebrations, and they saw the Papal Bull that conferred university status on the institution in 1413.

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