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Tia Sharp: Grandmother will attend funeral of schoolgirl


Tia Sharp

Tia Sharp

Tia Sharp

THE grandmother of schoolgirl Tia Sharp has said she will attend her funeral today despite being arrested over the death.

Christine Sharp, 46, who is on police bail after being released, has been forced to move away from her home amid anger over the 12-year-old's death.

But she has said she would like to go to her funeral, it was reported today.

Her boyfriend, Stuart Hazell, 37, will appear at the Old Bailey charged with her murder.

He was arrested following a manhunt after Tia's body was found wrapped in a bed sheet in the loft of the couple's home in New Addington, South London, last month.

She lived with her mother Natalie, 31, and stepdad David Niles, 29, in Mitcham 10 miles away but would often spend weekends at her grandmother's house.

Tia's body has been released for the funeral after tests and two postmortems, including one conducted by a pathologist for Hazell, were unable to find the cause of her death.

Her real father Steven Carter, 30, said: "It has been a horrible, horrible long time to lay her to rest. It is hard knowing there is no cause of death because we still have no answers. But after we lay her to rest we can just concentrate on the court case and it will give the family some peace."

Tia's white coffin will pass through the streets in a horse drawn carriage to the private service at a crematorium in Merton, South London.

Her body was found more than a week after she went missing, despite police visiting her grandmother's terraced property four times.

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