Wednesday 12 December 2018

Thermometer breaks at -62C in 'world's coldest village'

Some locals had readings as low as -67C. Stock image
Some locals had readings as low as -67C. Stock image

Mike Wright

The thermometer in a remote Siberian village known as the coldest inhabited place on Earth has broken as temperatures plunged to near-record depths.

The public device, which was installed in Oymyakon as a tourist attraction, recorded -62C before malfunctioning this week.

Meanwhile, the 'Siberian Times' reported that some locals had readings as low as -67C - within touching distance of the record -67.7C logged in the village in February 1933. That temperature was the lowest ever recorded outside the Antarctic and cemented the village, in the Yakutia region, as the coldest permanently-inhabited place on Earth.

But it is still some way off the coldest temperature ever recorded on the planet, which was -94.7C captured by a NASA satellite in east Antarctica in 2013.

Oymyakon has 50 hardy permanent inhabitants who survive the winters, which drop to an average of -50C in January and February, by burning wood and coal for warmth.

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