Friday 6 December 2019

Teenage beauty queen tells of overcoming domestic violence, which left her needing a new nose

A pageant queen is speaking out about her experience with domestic violence to inspire other women in the same situation.

Lacy Hund was beaten so severely one evening by her ex-boyfriend that she was forced to reconstruct her entire nose, and she's now focusing on building her confidence one day at a time.

She went on to win the Miss Hull beauty pageant and says that her confidence has never been better.

”It was so horrific being attacked by someone I’d fallen madly for, I didn’t see it coming," she said.

“I remember the force he inflicted on my face, I felt my nose burst.

“I was shocked when the surgeons said they would completely re-build it. My ex left me completely broken on both the inside and out.

“But now, I’ve finally got my confidence back and I’m becoming a beauty queen – I’m determined to move on from this."

The cartilage was 'hanging off' her nose, according to Lucy and doctors had to wait a year before they could operate on her.

Her ex-boyfriend was given a €300 fine and community service for the assault.

"He would call me names, towards the end I even felt like he stopped me seeing friends and family," she told the Daily Mail of her experience.

"But still I wanted to save him, I thought I’d be able to change him but I was wrong."

“I want to share my story to help other women who are victims of domestic violence," she added.

“I have been finally able to live my life again and move on from what happened. My new nose gave me such a confidence boost.”

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