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Teary spy alleges sexual advances

A spy broke down in tears yesterday as she told an employment tribunal she was blacklisted by her security agency bosses.

The woman, who has brought a claim for sexual harassment and unfair dismissal against the agency which cannot currently be named for security reasons, said she was blacklisted after going off sick after alleged sexual advances made by her spymaster boss.

Yesterday she told Central London Employment Tribunal, as a result of being treated for depression and anxiety on a psychiatric ward her duties and security clearance were downgraded when she returned to work last year.

The woman, named only as Miss D, said: "I was blacklisted because I had been on a psych ward."

Miss D alleges that her married intelligence boss, Mr F, conducted a nine-month campaign to begin an affair with her.

The alleged sexual harassment got to the point where she confronted him about it in front of other managers.

But Adam Tolley, cross-examining, suggested that Miss D had "manufactured" the claims as a way to move attention from her poor work performance, and also that she encouraged her boss.

Mr Tolley said: "You have manufactured these allegations of sexual harassment as a way to explain your poor performance."

The witness, giving evidence from behind a screen, said: "I have always had outstanding performance. Why would I do that?

"You have misjudged my character."

The barrister went on: "There were concerns about your performance -- you were trying to deflect attention away from yourself on to him."

He added: "None of F's conduct towards you was unwarranted. You encouraged him to behave in a friendly way to you... none of it had such an unpleasant effect on you at the time."

"It did actually," she replied.

Mr F's boss, JM, told the tribunal that he never saw or heard "anything inappropriate or anything that could constitute sexual harassment or bullying".

The trial continues.

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