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Student startup aims to find hosts for student refugees


Students in the Netherlands have launched a start up aimed at helping to alleviate the housing crisis.

ShelterAnywhere.org is an online platform where volunteers offer their home to host student refugees for an agreed period of time.

Interested users can list their home on the site in a similar fashion to most 'room rental' sites and the platform will link them with student refugees looking for somewhere to stay.

ShelterAnywhere.org is a Rotterdam-based startup created by the team behind HousingAnywhere.com, a student accommodation platform on which ShelterAnywhere is based.

"Our team is comprised of young international people convinced that every student deserves to live in a safe environment".

"We (felt) the responsibility to help our fellows.... therefore we thought about using our knowledge and technology to assist the student refugees", developer Denis Sukhonin said in a statement.

Users can offer houses, rooms or even just their couch in order to help. "Remember these people are in urgent need of housing so any type of help will be much appreciated".

Users decide on the amount of time they will shelter a refugee for, but the site says that "in the best case scenario you will decide to continue living together till the student is settled". In cases where this is not possible, they will "suggest you get in touch with an organization that helps refugees".

The organisation will be "unable to verify" if the refugees are students "as they have had to leave most of their belongings behind", but "are focusing on young refugees" with this project.

Visit ShelterAnywhere.org to join the campaign.

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