Tuesday 24 October 2017

Stop thief! Red fox snatches hand bag from owner – then returns it

A red fox stole a hand bag from its owner only to return it to her minutes later.

Jeremy Clarke, from Burgess Hill, Sussex, told The Argus newspaper that he say the fox heading off with his wife Anna’s hand bag,

“We were in the [estate's] car park and he looked at me for a few seconds before letting out this feeble yelp,” he said.

“Next thing I knew he had my wife’s handbag in his mouth and was running towards the bushes.”

He then screamed at the fox which ran off out of sight.

“Anna had everything in there: her phone, money, purse, keys and letters. I couldn’t believe the fox had just taken it – it was mad. I thought that was it,” he said.

However, a few minutes later the guilty Mr Fox crept back with the bag in his mouth and he dropped it at Anna’s feet before scuttling off again.

“I have no idea why, we couldn’t believe it. We see the fox around quite a bit. I think people feed it,” he added.

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