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Stab scene is cut from controversial Knox film

A gruesome scene in which a half-naked Meredith Kercher screams for her life as she is pinned down and stabbed by her three alleged killers has been dropped from a controversial film to be shown for the first time tomorrow.

The scene showed the British student wearing jeans and a grey bra, writhing on the floor while being subjected to a brutal attack by a knife-wielding Amanda Knox, Knox's Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, and Rudy Guede, an Ivory Coast national. All three were found guilty of murder and sexual assault by a court in Perugia, Italy, where the crime took place, in December 2009.

The offending scene originally featured in trailers for the film but has been cut from the final version, after anger from the families of Ms Kercher and Knox.

The film is to get its first showing on the Lifetime channel in the US tomorrow, and the network is in talks with Channel Five over a deal to screen it in Britain.

A spokesman for the Lifetime channel confirmed that it would be shown, regardless of legal threats from the Knox and Kercher defence teams.

The final cut still includes a scene in which Guede, who is serving 16 years in prison, watches in panic as blood pours from a wound to Meredith Kercher's neck after she has been stabbed by unknown attackers. Lawyers for both the families wanted the entire film -- Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy -- to be aborted.

The Kercher family, from Coulsdon, Surrey, England, had strongly objected to the scenes that recreated the student's murder, which her father John described as "absolutely horrific".

Arline Kercher, Meredith's mother, said she had not seen the film, but added: "It seems very odd that they have called it after Amanda Knox when it was Meredith who lost her life. It's upsetting that the whole thing is going to be recreated on screen."

Knox's family, from Seattle in the US, said it was inappropriate and prejudicial to screen the film in the midst of their daughter's appeal against her conviction.

Her mother, Edda Mellas, declined to discuss the film.

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