Tuesday 23 January 2018

Soham murders of Holly and Jessica: Ian Huntley's brother criticised over book

IAN Huntley's brother has been criticised by his ex-wife for his decision to write a book about the Soham killer.

The release of The Blood We Share by Wayne Huntley coincides with the tenth anniversary of the deaths of ten-year-old schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.

But Wayne's ex-wife Claire Evans - who was also once married to Ian Huntley briefly as a teenager - has accused him of telling "outright lies".

Miss Evans told the Daily Mail: "We are approaching the ten-year anniversary of the horrific murders of two little girls by a monster and yet here we are again, with a Huntley no doubt making a fistful of cash on the back of such a heinous crime.

"In my opinion, anyone with a shred of common decency would think that those poor parents have had enough.

"From my perspective, if Wayne had important information to pass on about his brother and what he did, he should have written a letter to the girls' parents quietly and confidentially.

"I will not purchase his book, nor do I believe anyone with a shred of decency should."

Wayne Huntley, a Ministry of Defence employee, said in the book that he had disowned his older brother, and that he wished he was dead.

He also said that the 38-year-old was living a "cushy" life in Frankland Prison in County Durham, eating pizza and steaks.

The book also contained details of how Huntley's family gathered with him 12 days after Holly and Jessica went missing.

Mr Huntley said his brother had made a late-night telephone call to their mother Lynda from a hotel after he had been questioned by police.

According to the book, she asked him if he was guilty, knowing the answer was yes when he said only: "I love you, Mum."

Huntley then returned to the family home in Littleport, Cambridgeshire as his relations tried to persuade him to confess, but he refused to say anything except: "They're gonna arrest me."

Mr Huntley claimed in the book that someone made him a cup of tea before Miss Evans "took a flannel and washed his face". Police then arrived to arrest him.

But Miss Evans said the descriptions of her actions were "outright lies".

She said: "I sat on the sofa trying to get the truth out of him but unfortunately he would not speak. Never once did I try to comfort him. The man absolutely sickens me."

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