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Smiling Jenkins back on song

SHE started the week in tears but singer Katherine Jenkins (above) was all smiles yesterday when she turned up for the grand opening of restaurant Planet Dailies And Mixology 101 held at Planet in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the week the diva broke down on 'Dancing With The Stars' after dedicating a waltz to her late father.

She received a standing ovation following her performance.

The Welsh mezzo-soprano said: "In 1996, we found out that my father had lung cancer. I was 15 and my sister was 13. I got pulled out of my class one day by my auntie who came to school to say 'your dad's gone into a coma and you need to come to the hospice'.

"I hadn't said goodbye to him and it happened so quickly. The following day he passed away. I'm so glad I got to say goodbye properly.''

Ms Jenkins (31) received a standing ovation, made one of the judges cry and wept on the dancefloor after she performed a waltz to Josh Groban's 'To Where You Are'.

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