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Size matters for arms and the man

NICK HOLDSWORTH in MOSCOW A RUSSIAN man born with genitals so small that he was unable to have sex has been given the chance to lead a normal love life after a new penis was "grown" on his arm.

In an 11-hour operation, plastic surgeons in Moscow removed the 28-year-old's undersized penis and stitched it on to his left forearm, where they grafted on additional flesh and tissue. The newly enlarged organ, which had grown from less than 2ins to nearly 7ins, was then reattached to his groin. His surgeon, Professor Mikhail Sokolshchik, of the National Medical Surgical Centre, hopes that he will eventually be able to have sexual relations and father children.

The patient, who comes from a Siberian village and was identified only by his first name, Sergei, paid about ?1,500 towards the cost of the operation.

Prof Sokolshchik, who has specialised in microsurgery and phalloplasty, said: "This operation was highly risky because it was an amputation, reconstruction and reattachment in one go. If it had gone wrong, the patient would have ended up with no genitalia at all."

It is thought that up to one in 200 men are born with "micropenises" - the medical term for male genitalia that are less than two inches long when aroused.

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