Monday 18 November 2019

'Sick' Facebook page mocking dead Welsh miners is removed reporters

A FACEBOOK page mocking the fate of four men killed in the Wales mining disaster is under investigation.

Police received numerous complaints from members of the public who called for action to get the page taken down and a union official condemned the site as "thoroughly sick".

The Facebook page appeared to be the work of one person. The page had the title 'I'm really sad for those four miners. LOL j/k, they were Welsh' and trivialised the deaths with racial slurs.

One comment read: "In a boost to the failing jobs market in South Wales, 4 new vacancies have been created in the Swansea area from Monday!"

According to the BBC, Facebook has taken down what it called an offensive page and removed the profiles of its creators.

A Facebook spokesman told the broadcaster: "Online and off, a tiny minority of people are intent on causing offence to others.

"At Facebook, we have built rigorous reporting tools that enable people to report content that makes them feel uncomfortable. If content breaches our terms, it will be removed."

"I hope they catch the people responsible for this as quickly as possible. It is thoroughly sick," said Ian Morgan, an National Union of Miners official based in the Rhondda Valley.

"Facebook is not the sort of thing I get involved in but whoever is behind this deserves to be arrested and punished in court with the full force of the law.

"I hope they are caught quickly and I urge the police to act with rapidity."

A spokesman for the South Wales Police confirmed that a significant number of complaints about the site had been received and it was now under investigation.

The Wales Office and the Health and Safety Executive have launched an investigation into the mining tragedy.

It had been hoped that the miners - originally part of a group of seven - might have found refuge in an air pocket following the accident.

One of the three miners who managed to escape the drift mine when it flooded has been named in reports as Daniel Powell, son of victim David Powell, who was said to be the site's maintenance engineer.

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