Friday 15 December 2017

Shark spotted close to swimmers at holiday hotspot causing mass panic

Shark fin above water (stock photo)
Shark fin above water (stock photo)

Daniel O'Connor

A beach in Majorca was the scene of mass panic this weekend after an eight foot shark washed up was found in shallow waters.

Videos have emerged of holidaymakers desperately running from the ocean after the shark was discovered flopping in the water.

One man can be heard commenting “f*****g hell” looking on while a woman grabs her young son and runs towards land.

The incident occurred at Beach Illetes, a ten minute drive from popular destination Magaluf, just after midday on Saturday.

The beach was quickly evacuated, and the shark was later brought to shore by three lifeguards before putting it down.

One local, Luis Bosch, referred to the incident as a “moment of panic” for the hundreds of people there.

“The first moments were of fear and surprise, since it is not usual to see sharks near the coast in Mallorca,” Mr. Bosch said.

“On a Saturday the beaches are always full of people, families with children enjoying the blue waters and the heat.”

“People who bathed ran to the shore and there was a moment of panic.”

“However, what happened is something exceptional. In our waters there are small sharks and some larger ones in the open sea, but there is no danger near the islands.”

Spanish newspaper El Mundo reported that the shark had to be euthanised due to injuries suffered by a hook found lodged in its mouth.

The rescue team of the Palma Aquarium told El Mundo that the shark had been already been left stranded near at least two other beaches before the shark it was put down “to minimise pain, stress and provide a dignified death.”

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